What is Spiritw1nd?

Spiritw1nd was born out of the thought of paying it forward.  If one person does on small thing for someone then somewhere down the line that person will remember that and do something for someone else.  It is about making a difference in someone’s day.  Perhaps it is to say “Good Morning” with a lovely smile to a co-worker.  It could be opening a door for a person who has both hands full and is struggling to enter a building.  Or just smiling at a total stranger.  There are so many different ways we can affect others around us.  It doesn’t have to be some grandiose gesture, a simple “Hello” can change someone’s attitude.

We all must be willing to take those few seconds.  What does a few seconds cost us?  Not one thing and in the grand scheme of things it makes us feel better too.

1 Person can make a change.  Remember … it only takes one small pebble in a pond to create hundreds, thousands of ripples.  One small stone can start an avalanche.  Let’s start an avalanche of caring for all beings, two feet and four feet, on this beautiful home we call Earth.

2 thoughts on “What is Spiritw1nd?

  1. totally agree. but all human life is equal. those who breach borders “illegally” do so not because they want to but because they have to. So maybe putting a hand out to these people for a start

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